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So glad you found my bubbly, bright little corner of the internet, where I share all things on my performing arts journey, as well as little tidbits of my love of coffee, baking, Disney and my miniature schnauzer, Digby!


Hailing from Victoria, BC, I am a true west coast girl, through and through. Give me the rain, give me the wind and give me the evergreen trees. Much of the beauty that I’ve been surrounded by growing up, has inspired so much of what I “see” when I perform, and I feel so lucky for that. 


As a performer, I am drawn to stories. That doesn't mean just words, or just music- I love the combination of both. There can be so much said through one passionate note, but also by a monologue delivered with truth and soul. When something resonates with me, I have no control over it. It’s strange to try to explain, but my body/heart reacts before my mind even has the chance to. When I see theatre or music, and something truly connects with me, I immediately have visible goosebumps from head to toe. That is what I strive to create for others. I know that not everyone feels music, theatre, or stories the same way, but everyone feels those things in some way, and that is pretty incredible. 


As a performer, after studying voice, dance (ballet, jazz, tap, contemporary, etc) and acting, my whole life, I chose a focus. Specifically, classical voice. I hold a Bachelors of Music in Vocal Performance from the University of Victoria’s School of Music. It was four years of exploration, failing, pushing and thriving. I learned so much about myself there, which is exactly what led me to my year at the Canadian College of Performing Arts, where I received a Performing Arts Certificate. I wanted to delve into the other disciplines of performing as much as I had worked on my voice, and I achieved that there. I left feeling confident in calling myself a singer, actor, dancer, and now, musician. 


After completing school, I have been so blessed with the opportunities I have had to perform all across BC and Alberta. Companies I’ve worked with include Theatre Northwest (Ring of Fire: The Johnny Cash Story), Story Theatre Company (The Library Club TYA tour), Kelowna Actors Studio (Disney’s The Little Mermaid), Theatre Royal (Barkerville Variety Show), and I even had the chance to Vocal Direct and Narrate a new musical called Divine Providence! 


Thanks again for following along on this crazy journey! I hope you’ll come join me on Instagram @becca.thackray - photos are another way I love to tell stories. Also, feel free to explore a little more on my website, there’s lots to see! 


Hope to meet you soon!

-Rebecca (but hey, call me Becca!) 

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