A World Without Theatre?

Strange, isn’t it? World Theatre Day spent without a single theatre open. The doors have shut, indefinitely. Indefinitely. Yes, we all understand the meaning behind that word, however, as an artist, it means so much more. It signifies the intensifying of our already unpredictable job, craft and income, as well as the fear that our community, our relationships and our connections will be lost forever. Or, if you aren’t being melodramatic (and if you aren’t, you can’t possibly be a theatre person), it signifies the unknown. Disney had it right with this one, as I often think they do, saying sometimes you just need to step out ‘Into the Unknown.’

World Theatre Day… in Quarantine. We were all wondering what this would look like. We were scared, thinking it would be wasted, thinking our trials and tribulations as artists would be forgotten.

However, I think it was even greater than we could have imagined.

This horrible virus, taking the lives of so many innocent people, devastating so many communities and creating this sense of fear in the unknown, somehow also created a sense of peace. A sense of togetherness, a sense of companionship and an even greater sense of community.

Us as artists, on this World Theatre Day 2020, and beyond, have realized how important our gifts truly are. Yes, of course we know that music and art bring people together. But, I don’t think we realized the vastness of this sentiment until we were forced to tangibly capture our art to share with the world, instead of on one stage, in one theatre, one evening at a time.

Technology has created this amazing ability and opportunity for us to communicate. And boy do we ever communicate. We communicate though every form of art that we can in this new digital media. This quarantine has thrown us head first into the world of creating our own work, our own purpose, our own self worth and our own self image. We are not only the work we do for others, no matter how fulfilling that is, we are the work we choose to put out there in the world on a daily, weekly, monthly basis.


XO ~ Becca

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